Celebrate With Us

We would love to help make your event planning hassle-free by providing things that you might need on that day.

Now, we need to know more details of what will happen at your event. Will there be group activities, workshops, games or feeding? Let us know, so that our staff could assist you better at the day your event.

Sometimes sponsors and other organization would prefer spending their event with a huge group of kids or just a few chosen ones (ei. Ages 5-7 only). You could choose kids from the community, the whole school or just a even a certain grade level to participate at your event.

Rules to Comply

Fill out this form by answering all questions and giving out complete and important details of the event. Once you have submitted your event form, please confirm that we have received your event form by calling our office at: (02) 571-7321 or reach Ms. Jocky, (63) 9169136099.

Please be reminded that you are not allowed to cancel or postpone your five (5) days before your event.

Event Details

1. If hiring an entertainer (magician and/or clown), please make sure that they need to come thirty (30) minutes before the start of the event for briefing of Terms and Condition.

2. If you need a holding room for your team, please let us know three (3) days before your event.

3. We do not allow cash prizes during games or other activities, educational tools and/or snacks are allowed as prizes.

4. No use of foul language or "adult jokes" all throughout the event.

5. If you wish to play your own music at the event, please choose what is appropriate for your participants. We discourage explicit songs and songs with sexual lyrics.

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